FC Hortcare Partners with The Design Hub to Create Epic Gardens

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with top design firm The Design Hub to bring even your wildest garden design dreams to life.

FC Hortcare has joined forces with leading full-service design agency The Design Hub to bring more quality and value to its clients than ever before. Adding to its in-house garden design services, FC Hortcare will now offer clients computer-aided design (CAD) models in 2D or 3D, which are essential for council submissions.

With its wealth of experience in architecture and building and landscape design, The Design Hub will help FC Hortcare create exclusive residential garden designs for its clients. We sat down with The Design Hub’s Principal Builder and Director Paula Harwood to discuss what this exciting new partnership means for homeowners in the Port Stephens, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

FC Hortcare: Can you tell us what The Design Hub is all about?

Paula Harwood: We’re a full-service design agency. While we’re not registered as architects, we all have architecture degrees and perform similar services. We do concept designs for projects ranging from back decks and alfresco areas to full homes and developments. We can do landscape plans as an isolated service or as part of a larger development. We use computer-aided design software – or CAD – to create 2D and 3D models of our designs.

FC: How will you partner with us to create dream gardens for our clients?

PH: The Design Hub will do the conceptual design of the garden. This can include hard landscaping features like pathways, driveways, decking areas, feature screening and fire pits. It can also include soft landscaping such as garden beds, edgings, screening plants, trees and shrubs. Then, the FC Hortcare team will use their landscaping expertise to execute the design and their expert knowledge of plants to specify the plant species that should be used.

FC: Why garden design if you’re mainly building designers?

PH: We love doing landscape design projects! When I interviewed my team members and asked them what they were passionate about, every single one of them said they had a really strong connection to nature. When we do landscape projects, we get so excited because our hearts are really in it and it connects through to our passion. It’s not work – it’s fun!

We do landscape plans for townhouse developments and other large-scale projects, but FC Hortcare is the only company we partner with to create exclusive landscape and garden designs for homeowners. We even have a landscape architect on the team who can work with us to make the magic happen.

FC: How does this partnership benefit clients?

We can leverage our strengths when it comes to creating the design and liaising with the client for those really specific and complex needs that can be both on a practical level as well as feelings that can be hard to put into words.

When FC Hortcare comes in, the design is resolved and it’s up to them to refine the construction details and choose the right types of plantings. Our partnership frees up FC Hortcare to specialise and focus on their strengths, and clients get a really seamless transition where they’re understood and nurtured through all stages of the project.

FC: Which areas will you service with FC Hortcare?

PH: We can support projects in any locality that FC Hortcare covers. The Design Hub already covers a broad geographic area from Forster down to Gosford and all of the Hunter Valley. Our office is based at Wallsend which is central to all that. We’re really looking forward to partnering with FC Hortcare to create incredible gardens for their clients!

About FC Hortcare

FC Hortcare’s team of experienced, qualified, licensed and insured landscapers have a combined 70 years of industry experience. Since 2006, we have transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties across New South Wales. Our services include paving, decking, retaining walls, turf installation, hedging, pruning, plant selection, planting, irrigation, garden design and more.

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